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Boot Seal

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Anyone know where i can get a new boot seal? and a new plastic cover for the top of fuel tank the one that's a pain to get on and off to change pump thanks in advance
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More details.......

These took me 5 seconds to find via a google search, but not knowing what car/year/body shape its for, makes it harder to answer.

Replacement Bootlid / Trunk Rubber Weather Seal - Genuine Nissan Bootlid Rubber Seal / Weather Strip Fits Nissan Skyline R33 GTS/T & GTR (Coupe)
Fuel Tank Sealing Ring ebay - 224584203986
or the if its the outlet plate you need - Genuine Nissan Fuel Tank Outlet Plate For Skyline R34 GTT GTR Silvia S15 Laurel C35 17278-5L310 | JDM Garage UK - Nissan Specialists
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