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boot wont open help

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hi all changed the battery in my boot yesterday went to open it today & wont open with the key or pulling the handle grrrr

any ideas on how i can open :crazy:

cheers eddie :worshippy:
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turn your key in it and grab the very bottom of the lid and lift as hard as ya can,
tried but the key wont turn at all & was fine before that
Rear seat back out,undo a panel to access the boot,use a long stick type thing to reach the lock and flick the bottom of the catch up,it will then open with the handle.:)
When you get it open, look at the lock mechanism on the car, not the boot lid. There's a small lever there that restricts the access to the boot. Either push it or pull it (opposite of whatever it is now) to stop the problem happening again.

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see mine works fine using the lever but key just wont turn, it has always been fine then one day the key just wouldnt turn in the lock
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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