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ok so as you may have realised i'm having a few problems with my skyline. an r33 gtst, i've now got a fmic which meant i no longer have my hks bov on the front pipe so i need to replace the recyc as its fooobard. festa kindly sent me one that he had laying around but when i went to fit it their was a problem!

as you can see its like an inch thinner, it does however come with a collar adaptor, which i now no longer have a fitting for as i've the fmic!

plus the 2 gaskets that were under the re cyc seem a bit screwed

so what i need to know is either how do i get this thing to fit (i've seen some adaptors on ebay but it'll make the bov stick miles out and says its for a hks ssq bov!)

or if not where can i get a bov to fit?
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