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Hi all,
Im thinking of putting a dump valve on my R33 GTST :bigthumb:, but am not sure which type to go for the recirculating of the release type. Was just wondering if anyone had experience of these on a Skyline and which is the best to go for?
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I was in the same position years ago so left it until upping the boost. Turned out the standard one was leaking and loosing me power.......

FORGE bov came to the rescue from conceptue tuning. Driving off boost it re-circulates it back into the inlet, driving with lots of boost it vents to atmosphere for all to know. Don't get stalling issues either. For £135 it's spot on.

HKS SSQV and BLITZ are also good but pricey. Havn't experienced these though. Someone else will have to supply that info.
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