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brakes r33 gtr v spec please

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price please for above front and rears discs and pads standard and uprated (drilled grooved etc) also price for bigger discs callipers etc. thanks

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come on traders money waiting!!!!
I have the same brakes on my car as you and I ordered a set of dba discs (6x6 slotted) from jdm garage and a set of yellow stuff pads from conceptua.
hi chris what are they like? any good? what sort of costs where they? cheers mate

do none of you traders want my cash????
Hi there- sorry for not picking this up sooner. Karen here is on Tamiflu, and we are short handed to say the least!!

Can you PM your telephone number?

I usually like to have a chat about your car, mods, useage, etc.

This enables me to offer the best advice based on your circumstances, budget, etc.

chris i would do mate but im in afghanistan :( basically im going to be running an apexi rx6 single tubby, z32 mafs, tomei cams and pulleys, nismo injectors, tomei pump, rsp headgasket, power fc and commander, full exhaust and devils own meths. im looking for around 500bhp. it will only be used on the road and maybe only 5000 miles a month i certainly wont be punishing it. Cheers Mate,

Understood mate.

PM me instead, and have a safe one.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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