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The British Open Drift Championship brought to you by Drift UK
As most people are aware Eurodrift has become a great championship in 2007 but due some financial issue we have had to cut the Sky Sports coverage to 6 round but we are still running 7 with the best 6 to count towards the championship. However we thought that the final round at Teesside could be turned into something a bit special to finish 2007.

Since its beginning Eurodrift has set out to achieve an infrastructure for drifting to be available all over the UK. The British Open is the culmination of 4 years work to hold the first British Championship which will establish Britain’s best drifter for 2007. The event is open to all licensed drivers from N.Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland.

We will run 2 Categories at the event, Amateurs and Pro class. The pro class will be qualifying for 12 places and the other 4 will be the top 4 amateurs with a roll cage. The scores will be taken from the qualifying scores in both classes to create the top 16. This is unusual but the standard of drivers at present is very high and some amateurs have scored higher in qualifying than the pros.

This event is about showing how the standard at all levels has increased and although some might not know the track, this event is hoped to pull all driver from EDC and Eurodrift and drivers from Northern Ireland together at a track were speed and technical driving can come together.

Teesside was chosen as the venue meets all criteria for this type of event, the details and agenda will be posted soon. The cost will be £80 for this historic event.

We hope you will support this event like you have over the last 4 years.

I can now confirm we have 3 sponsors for this event:
CS Racing

This is great new i will start posting details within the next few days.

You can now book online at Eurodrift Online Store.

Closing date for entries are the 13th October 2007

Website:- British Open Drift Championship
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