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Hello , Im new to site. I have looked everywhere for a color code for cabin wire harness wire colors....can not find anywhere.
Problem , previous owner removed some plugs and I can trace everyone….but there is one wire (tan color) that goes into cabin harness from the engine bay...that he had pluged into a haltech HT-020400 waistegate or boost control.
I don't know why he didn't just wire into the factory plug.
In desparate need of a color wire diagram so I will know exactly what he tapped into to for the haltech the controller.

I believe these 2 wires were connected....I followed that tan wire that was connected to the brown , into the cabin and connected to a cabin harness ,as next picture shows

I believe this connector plugs into the dash harness...not 100%....connectors on passenger kick plate.

The other brown wire from first pic I believe connect to this white wire that is spliced into waistegate control valve
solenoid pin on ecu connector.

any help on where that tan wire would be great....and why that white wire is spliced into waistegate control valve solenoid.
why wouldn't he just splice into factory plug.

Thanks to anyone that can help me out.😀
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