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Cams- any info appreciated.

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Before I buy these I was hoping for some advice.

A) Is it worth getting the poncams, or is there not a substantial improvment over stock lift and duration.

B) Would they be easy enough to fit, it says they are drop in but we all know that doesn't make it so.

Thanks in advance for any replies

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to answer your 2nd question, i've fitted a set into mine and it's not hard. they are drop in you won't need to modify anything to get them to fit. that said it's obviously a fair bit of work to get to the point where the cams are out and they need to be installed properly.

here's what i did if it helps...

as for whether they make a marked difference, i couldn't tell you as i went from an rb20 to my built rb25 so have nothing to compare it against.
ive just put a set of those into mine, i was changing the head gasket anyway so everything was already taken off to do that so fitting the cams was a doddle.

havent got it mapped again yet so i cant say whether theres a noticeable difference, but ive a bigger turbo now so itl be had to say wether its the cams or the turbo making the difference :D

thats a great price for them, i paid £420 for them just before xmas :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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