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managed to pick a rb25det up for 100 pounds its done a piston apparently

anyway i dont think its worth using a mint rb25det for a rebuild so could i get this engine sent straight to you guys ready for the build?

its in scotland so i need to sort a courier too
i tryed ringing recently but as most people know its a ***** to get hold of you somtimes

so if its cool could you pm me your address and ill get it sorted
may be sitting for a couple of months before i can afford the work
and would give both of us a better idea of whats needed

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Hi there,

Sure not a problem. I would not want to keep the engine for too long though as we are a little tight for storage space at the moment.

Our address is :-

Unit 3 Manor Farm
North Street
SO24 0DF

Please let us know if we are to expect it :)

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