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hey. bought a gtst a few weeks ago from japan
it melted a piston after a fortnight, getting it built up and remapped again.
basically i want to know what sort of power i can expect

it was rolling roaded at 347bhp before it melted a piston but the rolling road operator rang me the next day to say the rolling road was out of calibration and to bring it back down. never got back down before the engine went

basically here is the spec
97 gtst
new forged 86mm gtr pistons
gtst rods
new standard head gasket
hks gt3037 turbo
hks external wastegate
trust fmic
bigger fuel pump
740cc injectors
hks induction kit
kakimoto exhaust and decat
hks f-con v pro (no air flow meter)
hks evc 4

what power should i expect and what boost?


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If you are really gonna use a std head gskt again, you would be limited to 1.2 bar. Perhaps less to be safe. Why not fit something like a 1.6mm metal gasket as the rest of your mods could cope with higher boost. Makes sense while the engine is in bits

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Originally posted by andy42uk:

It's NOT the power.....or the boost...
IF you run 1.2 bar+ you will be on borrowed time, the compression ratio is too high to sustain this and it will give.
It IS NOT an outright strength issue, the std head gasket could take the pressure if you lowered the C/r some other way....

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cool, i am more used to higher compression engines from my previous turbo cars and we ran a lot more boost and cylinder pressure than you think you would get away with, first thing for you is to get a map unless you have a mechanical reason for rebuild?

how are you going to run it in?

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I always ran my engines in by not going over 4000rpm for at least 800miles normally 1000miles, the mileage was clocked up by different types of driving i.e round town, motorway, A and B roads etc then i'd drop the oil and put some nice decent oil in and now use full rpm but only on std boost for another 100-200miles after which i'd dial in the extra boost and re-map at the same time.

chris yourdef be able to run 1.2bar as for how much more only your mapper will know if you can run more depending how much DET you get as the boost rises.
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