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I really love the skyline r32 GTR and then the r34 GTR. However I probably couldn't afford to maintain the GTR so I am thinking of getting the non gtr versions.

I believe the equivalent r32 non gtr models comes as the r32 GTST and r32 GTS4. And I believe the r34 comes as the GTT. Let me know if I've missed any/am correct.

Well I've been searching for the r32 gtst which is my first choice and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I can't even see the GTS4 except for one add on ebay and that doesnt work properly\seems like it will require a bit of work which I'd prefer not to do.

1. Is the r32 GTST/r32 GTS4 available anywhere, if so where can I find them and will it be easy to get parts for it if I ever need them?
2. I can see the r33 gtst and r34 gtt are available on ebay but I really want the r32. In any case is it still easy to get parts for the r33 and r34 if I decide to go for them?

Btw am I right in thinking that the non GTR versions look in some way inferior to the GTR version? I mean when I look at the GTR pics they looks mean and agressive and the non GTR versions look significantly less so. What makes them look different and would I be able to make the r32 gtst look like identical to the r32 gtr?


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r32 gtsts are getting pretty hard to find in good condition, not only due to their age, but due to them being used for drifting/cheap track toys when they were cheap to pick up.
R34 GTTs are pretty easy to find for a good price, personally i would go for one of them but it all depends what you want out of the car, both are great

RE: gtr looks, the main parts you'll be looking to change on both cars to get the more aggressive looks are:
front and rear arches (wider)
wheels (if you want the GTR ones...)
interior (again R34 gtr interior is easier to find but super expensive, R32 gtr interior is getting super rare but can be picked up fairly cheap (in comparison to 34 but again hard to find in good condition...)
body kit, if you're not going aftermarket
bonnets (gtrs are a little longer and have spacers on the headlights)
then you have the performance related stuff like the exhaust, suspension, brakes etc (and engine of course...)

if you change most of that it should start looking like a solid gtr rep. The good thing about making a GTT/GTST look like a gtr, is that as you learn about the other parts available, you'll probably deviate and do your own thing, ending up with something you may prefer over the stock gtr styling.
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