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Can the standard GTT Ecu be reset?

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On my 32 Gtst i was told that after any mods it was a good idea to reset the ecu, leave the battery leads off for a set period.

Was wondering if this applies to the 34 or does it do it automatically?
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Is it the same as the 32, disconnect the live terminal and press the brake or something similar to remove any stored power?

Is it worth doing?
Cant remember if its the positive or the negative mate(got a PFC Pro on mine now),but yeah its basically the same
Make sure your on level ground, the steering wheel is straight. Disconnect the battery. Pump breaks a good few times to get rid of whats left. Wait 5 mins. Reconnect. If it's worked your Aircon should flash yellow a few times on turn on.
Nice 1, cheers for that :cheers:
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