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can you supercharge a rb25de ????

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the question is in the title.... anyone tried this if so some hint and tips would be nice as im thinking about it....
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Yea you can supercharge a RB25DE but the money you have to spend is not worth the gains you'd get from it
as said above, it would be much more economical if you sell yours and get a gts-t
Or do if you got money to spend. DO IT for shits and giggles
i havnt got loads of money but been looking into it and have found that its not that much work if i can get a charger to fit in the right place... my mate is a engineer and has promised to make the brackets for free and then its just the pipe work and a off boot/idle valve to source.... or am i dreaming ????
It would be a great thing to do, I love superchargers. It wont be cheap though, once everything is fitted there will be mapping injectors and many other things to change aswell. But one thing you will have is a pretty one off car and to me that is worth everything. If you can afford it go for it, if not then sell and get a gts-t either way I am sure you will be happy with BOOST!!!!
What kind of supercharger you thinking of?

A Roots/Scroll type wont fit in an untouched RB25 bay - centrifugal 'may' be ok.

When I was planning this, I found the best place is where the alternator lives, as there is lots of room (beware - the p/s pressure switch lives near there and you may need to re-locate it) Water piping will also need to be made up.

The alternator will happily live above, in line with the inlet plenum.

Bracketry needs to be made to fit alty & s/c, but it's fairly sparse for anywhere to actually bolt it to.

I got as far as mock-mounting the items, before deciding to move out :screwy:
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I have air con on my car so was thinking about removing it and fitting the charger in there some how i havnt measured anything up ect it is still just a thought..

In regard to sell and get a gts-t i would but i have a 4 door as i use it everyday and have a small child so need the 4 door practicality was thinking about a engine swap but as chris says i like the idea of a one off... if anyone has managed it i would love to hear from them...
I didn't overly entertain the idea of using the aircon space (as I wanted to keep it), but it's a possibility and 'should' be much better for pipe routing.
Would it not simply be easier and cheaper to just buy a GTS-T, the chargers aint cheap themselves thesedays!
i have sourced a m112 eaton super charger with inlet and outlet piping for 100 so its not a case of cost in the case of the charger its if it will all fit nevermind work lol....
abbey motorsport done one when i was doing my turbo coversion , it cost the lady loads and didnt make the power mine did as the charger uses power as it is belt driven of the crank . they put it were the power steering pump is and used a electric PAS pump off a saxo
yup. seen the car in question. owned by bootilicious on gtroc. sliver r33 gts.

used a rotrexc(?spelling) supercharger and as someone else said re sited the powersteering pump (used Renault electric one)

I havent driven it, but had a peek under the bonnet.. and its running something in the region of 280 -300bhp i am told.

not huge power comparative to big turbos but thing is its linear power delivery isnt it....

its different.. and interesting..

cost was an estimated £5k ish
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thanks andygts i can see that it fits and works but not if they got much power ect as they have two stonking turbos on it as well still i think i might give it ago....
abbey motorsport done one when i was doing my turbo coversion , it cost the lady loads and didnt make the power mine did as the charger uses power as it is belt driven of the crank . they put it were the power steering pump is and used a electric PAS pump off a saxo
That's because a (roots type) supercharger isn't made for high-end power - it's all low-end, boost off-idle, etc. They run out of steam where a turbo would keep giving.
If anyone wants S/C's for power, they probably don't 'really' get what they do.
Centrifugal types are a bit of a funny type - suck loads of power like a roots,
then act like a turbo, but not so well. They're a bit smaller than roots and don't stall in situation a turbo would - but that's about it.

It's why you see the hybrid types with both; counters the lag from big turbos.
People try DIY the setup, but forget what airflow & pressure is, then either end up with no boost or little boost.
I think it was VW who then went on to show how it's done on production scale with bypass & blocking valves, which is still beyond the casual DIYer.

I wanted an S/C purely because I don't go anywhere where I can go fast, but wanted something for the initial acceleration.

Costs lots as it's all fabrication and pipe, belt and aux routing. Turbos in comparison, clip in between the exhaust manifold & downpipe and air filter & throttle.
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have you thought about mounting it in one of the wings?! like where the side mount intercooler's are?

anyways, i got a brand new rotrax supercharger that needs a good home...
should just be a case of changing the pulleys to get the boost you require, can give you more details if you need them?

bootylicious`s car has a rotex supercharger running at 0.6 bar boost

Its run by an ATI damper pulley
All our big power cars are supercharged, but they're V8's. All the diesels run turbos or twin turbo.
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