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Bought a carbon boot from ziax the other week and am well please with it, cheers martin

took some pics as I installed it so could do little thread for anyone needing advice or guidance.

you will need: wratchet, 10mm socket, 10mm spanner, trim removal tool or flat head screwdriver, tape measure, masking tape, pencil, drill, 8mm drill bit and 20mm hole saw.

firstly remove that old heavy boot:

remove the trim piece mounted on underside of boot, i used a flat head screwdriver and only snapped two although i wont be using them again. You will then see the wiring for the boot spoiler and central locking (if you have these that is), remove the clips a feed wire out of boot.

Now undo the four nuts on each bracket and lift off boot, i did it on my own and it was a bit awkward, so you may want to get a hand as dropping the boot through the back window would piss anyone off, not mentioning having to source and get a new one.:rofl:

next fold the boot lifters down to one side as you wont need them yet, and if your putting a lightweight spoiler or no spoiler they may be too powerful for your lightweight boot.

Now lift the hinges to the open position and mount your nice new carbon boot, doing up the 10mm bolts you saved from earlier.

take boot catch off old boot and install on new boot.

Shut your boot and see if it locks, mine didnt and i had to loosen the locking mechanism in car, lift it up then retighten. Now works fine :bananasmile:

I put my original spoiler back on and it was alot heavier than the boot, lol.
If you putting on one of them BGW then you may need big washers to stop boot cracking or get one that has been strengthened.

anyway heres how i attached my spoiler:

Remove spoiler from the old boot, just four bolts and pop in clips, be careful as the pop in clips may be bit stiff but when they do let go, ya dont want to crack your spoiler or snap it in half.

I then measured the distance of the mounting holes on the original boot and wrote them down, double check that you have recorded the correct measurements.

lay down masking tape accross your bonnet so you can mark clearly on the boot where you need to drill the holes, double check again to make sure the measurements are all correct.

now drill for 8mm holes where you have marked making sure you pierce through the inner skin of boot.

Open your boot amd you will see the holes on underside where drill went through, get a 20mm hole cutter and drill through inner skin but be very careful not to go right through boot. :spank:

These 20mm holes allow you room to get a socket in there and tighten up bolts for the spoiler.

now the spoiler is attached you can undo bolts on hinges and re-attach the boot lifters, connect the brake light back up and your finished :bananasmile:

If anyone has anything to add please do.



Big thanks to Martin for a quality carbon boot, (visit the ziax traders page)

Cheers - Daryl :bigthumb:

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nice job Mr daryl r33

as you say show off that carbon and bring her down to the 127diner meet this Sunday it will be a pucka day

just hit the link below bud foe details its gonna be huge
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