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We're lucky to be good friends with the official UK importer of Carbone Lorraine brakes, and as such we've either got or are getting stock of all popular fitments!

We've been testing these pads in the RC5 variety for a while now and they're INCREDIBLE, directly comparable to top end Pagid, Performance Friction, etc etc.
RC5 is next to no dust, ridiculous stopping power, no fade, etc. RC6 is even more powerful, utterly ridiculous, but does dust and make a bit more noise.

At the moment we've got RC5 and RC6 fronts for Skyline/300ZX/S14 etc Sumitomo calipers in stock along with rears for R32/33/34 GT-R Brembos, fronts for GT-R Brembos along with other options are coming early next week. :)

Incidentally, RC5 and RC6 are designed to have a similar change of characteristics over temperature change, so you can run RC5 front, RC6 rear to increase rear bias, or RC6 front, RC5 rear to increase front bias.

Incredible pads, and cheaper than the competition too!

Carbone Lorraine Brake Pads on the Driftworks Online Shop

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