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Ceramic impeller destruction
So I finally got my car back.

Ceramic impeller on the back turbo went during a standard service at the shop i regularly visit. Fortunately I have a warranty on the car and the engine replacement was covered.

I have attached some pictures to show what happened. The shaft on the left is what usually happens when the ceramic impeller decides to let go, but mine actually spun itself out of the shaft press fitting. The piston in the picture was #6, and it was in the best shape of the bunch #4 & #5.The piston walled were completely gouged and the valves took a beating as well. The shop was just returning from a short run around the block and on deceleration so the materials ended up in the cylinders and the impeller in my new exhaust pipe.

The funny thing is I was just scheduling a return date to have the turbos built with billet internals...Well now they are. Seasoned block, re-built heads, new crank, new pistons, refurbed she is back on the road.

If you are ever in the NT and you need the best Skyline / GTR mechanic within 1200km..Dion over at AutoSparky in Alice Springs is your man. I can't thank him enough for all he did. This man is truly a wizard among the GTR ranks.


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