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hi guys my new steering wheel boss kit has arrived today (at last) and now i cant find the bloody thread that told you how to change over!!!!
got air bag and hicas, any help would be massively welcome cheers

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hope you have the right boss with airbag thingy, nearly everybody on here who got a boss recently seem to have received a non-airbag boss

i have this dunno where i got it from but here you go:
line up wheels and steering wheel dead straight on level floor
disconnect battery
remove plastic squares on the side of steering wheel
undo 2 security torx bolts
remove airbag and unplug
unscrew backing plate and remove horn wire
then you should notice a notch in the top of the column that should be at 12 o'clock
loosen center nut but not completely leave it on a few turns
pull pull jerk jerk untill the steering wheel comes off
line up new boss and new steering wheel so you can find the top screw hole
line up the top screw with notch, plus the 3 turning alignment headers on the white washer
fit the appropriate connector to the horn cable and find a good grounding point on the boss to ground the other side
fit everything together
use a resistor to fool the airbag warning light or take the bulb out
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