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An update from Claire (Booty from the GTROC), a big thanks to all who supported her!

Dear all,

I completed the 26 mile Walk the Walk, for Breast Cancer Research in 7hrs 13 mins, I started at Midnight! This IS a great achievement, if not a little emotional for me I had a little message written on my back saying "this is for you mum" I lost my mother nearly 10yrs ago to Breast cancer
My dear Fuggles kept with me, meeting me at check points along the way to give me encouragement to continue and succeed. I would like to say a HUGH thank you & I love you!

I initially put myself down for 9hrs max, but came in under the time. I never stopped at all, just kept going. I knew that if I did stop just to stretch I wouldn't get going again.

The first 20 miles was fine, no pain in my feet or legs, however after that when I knew it was coming to the end, the pain was overwhelming, but I continued. I crossed Tower Bridge at 6:45am and I can't tell you how the London/ Rivers Thames looks at that time of the day....breath taking!

I have done a quick check to see how much I have raised and it's a staggering £290.00 (there is still more money to collect) This money was raised from you guys on here, the Army Barracks and my family and friends.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and your money, because without your kind donations more people will die of cancer, through cancer research we CAN find cures.

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