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chasewater transport show 18/4/10

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went to this last year (a whole...............2 of us lol) and was ok, in a lovely setting for the family too.

i have been asked if we want a club stand this year, max number of cars is 15

any one interested?

will also have a mate of mine doing the pro photography there, and he's good!

the whole event is in support of the midlands air ambulance so is for a reet good cause

should be foc, but a donatioon to the air ambulance is fair!

would be nice if we could get 15 of us

let me know wotcha finks please

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ok, list of attendees thus far:

john f
mephiston 2k
adigr8 r33
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hi mate ill give it a go its all for a good cause may be more interest come on guys
ok, can anyone lend us some banners etc?

should i pm a mod?
thats five of us so far, can you pm me your details, need: make, model, colour and reg, ta, all for the booking form

Ill go aswell, looks quite interesting as it goes.
I can't let the side down now can I, put me down for it.

You do all know it's a monday don't you lol.
Sorry guys this is on the same day as first round of pro street drag at Shakey so can't make it.Cheers.
Im going to eat my hat now as I said it was a monday because I was looking at January not April lol. Hope you get a good result on your first round Eric.
all those who are coming and havent pm'd me your details, eg reg ,make, model and colour, please do so asap so i can get you booked in


so far we have 7 including moi ;-)

8 spots left
any mores ???
only five spots left now:bigthumb:
got room for me??? :D
got room for me??? :D
yup, pm me your reg make model colour, and i will stick you on da list:cool:
now 4 spots left

still need some banners and a flag.............. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
ask bigchief see if we can borrow some for the day
mate how are you getting on with this any luck on banners etc
Mate if its on a weekend im there, il bring my daughter aswell im sure she would love it!
1 - 20 of 163 Posts
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