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Chassis Rail Damage

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Looking at buying an R33 GTS, as it was an import and came on a boat, during unloading, the forklift that picked it up damaged the chassis rails underneath, is this an issue worth repairing, if so, what is the cost involved?
Thanks in advance
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i would be more concerned why forklift is being used to move cars instead of just driving them and depends on how bad the chassis damage is and how cheap the car is assuming its only a gts and not a gts-t
Yeh as above really... its obvisouly got more problems than jsut the rails. Imported cars drive on and drive off the boats. There is no need for a forklift. Even if it didnt drive, you'd tow it off the boat. The fact they even thoguht a forklift was ever a good idea speaks volumes as to its import method and general history.
As Dave has said, goes to show the duty of care used in transporting the car. Chassis's can be pulled straight again, although highly doubt if it would be worth it. Plenty of other 33's out there, such a shame they ruined that one.

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Pictures would help here massively. If it's just linked the chassis rails then they can be repaired reasonably easily, pulled straight and dressed.
Forklifts should only really be lifting cars in scrap yards both dock yards.
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