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Ok time to part with one of my cars, the R34 GTT.

I brought this three years ago ran it for 8 months then fell in love with a R32 GTR VSpec 2 which I then purchased and still have.

Upon driving the R34 GTT to get it valeted for sale I noticed a slight flicker on the engine management warning light. Had it checked out and possible bottom end problems.
So I had it taken to a trade engine builder for a full bottom end rebuild telling him to treat it as a 'hospital' job ie no rush do it when you have spare time as I want the price to be low and I am having so much fun in the GTR.

Got it back 20 months later! after new oil pump, con rods, race bearings and gaskets full bottom end rebuild.

The car runs sweet, the engine is smooth as anything but the Traction control and slip lights are permantly on, I dont think this is a major problem but I have no time or desire to mess with it further but i bet its an easy cure if you know how to work the fault finding codes.Trackings out so could be that.

Apart from that the car is as follows;

R Reg R34 GTT Manual in silver/grey
94K but most was in KPH before the speedo was changed to MPH
18'' wheels
R34 GTR Coilovers
HKS Induction kit
Bigger Backbox
apart from that its Standard

wheels curbed could do with a refurbish if you want your car mint
GTR badge on boot
The car is showing signs of rust in places (off road 2 years not helped)
traction control lights on.
No Stereo, I'm keeping that.

Bearing in mind that my R32 GTR needs a 5K rebuild now, I need to off load this car to fix the GTR so if you want a stunning headturning car that needs a little work, is not mint but could be with a little work, it is up for sale for

Seven Thousand Two Hundred CASH, no offers no trade in or swap (just spent 3k on the bloody engine)

This is a bargain and rides so smooth much more comfortable than the GTR wish i could afford to keep both. Remember this is ready to roll, new MOT, 6 months tax, no speedo to change over, no speed limiter and fog light installed.

Not sure how to post photos but can Email them unless somebody can post for me

oh and dont bother me without checking insurance quotes first and no test drives without the money up front.
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