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I am busy planning the next missbanzai tunnel run.

I was holding out hope that Monster Energy would be able to help me out however they have just fallen through. They are donating some awesome goodies from Nico Rosberg and some other Schoei kit so happy over all.

Here is the issue:

We use Essex arena due to the size and capability to hold 500 cars plus.

The Essex Arena charges for the use of the venue, which usually includes the event insurance and lighting. This year they management of the arena have seen fit to almost double the venue charge to just shy of £500 which will not include the insurance.

The money for the venue has always historically been deducted from the charity money raised. We feel that we are unable to do this for the next event and are hoping to source a sponsor who will help us out with these charges.

Due to this we are hoping to attract a sponsor who will be willing to donate all or part of the £700 needed to hire the venue.

What would the sponsor get in return?

We are always flexible as to the format of the night and willing to work closely with companies that participate. We have only recently had to think about PR due to the increasing size of the event however the following is what usually takes place:

• With a target audience of approximately 500+ Japanese car owners, we will be happy to hand leaflets and other marketing media out to the drivers as they enter the venue.

• Previously we have also had the participants car’s stickered with company logo.

• We will put up (supplied) banners and marketing media a t the start point of the night. Each driver must gather at a central point to collect their maps so once again a target audience.

• We have historically had articles published in numerous car magazines, Banzai, Total Nissan and Japaneseperformance etc. I am in discussion with Dan from Banzai for a 2 page feature.

• The event itself is advertised on, but not limited to, the following car forums:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,​

We also intend to do a large push on Facebook utilizing our large network
of followers.

Anyone able to help out with this event?
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