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Mmmmmmm R32
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First off thanks for the Walbro it turned up next day so i could fit it along with my ECU :D

I remember you telling me about the adjustable fuel pressure regulators you sell and that they have a separate feed for a gauge how much would it cost for one of these FPRs and gauge + all the fittings.

Cheers guys,


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Hi there

£84.99 for the Fuel Pressure Regulator- Genuine Italian Malpassi, not a 'No Name' one that the Mappers and Tuners won't go near. This comes with the bracket and the fuel line adaptors...

£14.99 for the gauge (£19.99 for the better Glycerine filled one)

All you really need axtra is one of our FPR fuel line kits- a generous 1 metre of hose plus quality jubilee style clips £5.99

Free UK delivery on all the above.

We can also supply the SARD, HKS, NISMO etc FPR's


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