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Chrome And White Steering Wheel

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Selling this steering wheel as ive just fitted a new one, Its in good conditon and gets the attention .

£50 Delivered But open to offers.

Thanks Guys.
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And one fitted to the car.
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Nobody wants to look pimp then?:bigthumb:
Still for sale guys/gals.
Me thinks it'll sell quicker if it came with a boss? Good luck none the less, :)
Does it come with a boss or can you let me know where I can get one and roughly how much for? thanks x
Whifbitz sell boss kits at around £70 squid from what i remember
looks pretty cool might know someone who would want it if so i will pm you. :)
It doesnt come with the boss as i need it for my new steering wheel.

The Big Gun R33 just drop me a PM when you know.
Still got it guys.
Now on Ebay.:eek7:
£40 delivered.:eek7:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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