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Cleethorpes - Wings and wheels 2013

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Hi Folks

Recieved this today so who's up for it?? Message me if so please!
Cleethorpes Wings & Wheels event 15th September
Dear Sir
We, the Armed Forces Events team at Cleethorpes have been asked if we could organise a Wings and Wheels event in Cleethorpes Meridian Park on 15 September 2013, during Battle of Britain week.I was specifically tasked with this event as I am also regional secretary of Porsche Club GB and a track instructor, with some motoring contacts.
We spoke recently when I came to visit you at the workshop. I apologise for the delay in sending this e-mail, I had misplaced your card. I thought it would be nice to have a few local cars at this event, this would be an opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors to display their “wheels” for the public. It would be minimum cost, we are asking for a £2 donation from each car or £20 for clubs; with proceeds going to our Armed Forces event fund.
So far we have Porsche club GB, Bomber county Mini club, Lotus club, Vauxhall Viva club, Traditional CC Doncaster, Armed Forces Scooter club, Armed Forces Bikers attending along with invites sent out to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, MGCC and Military vehicle clubs; more to follow. We also have a few trade stands within the show. A display and flypast has been booked with Battle of Britain flight and we will have various aircraft cockpits to look around. A couple of flight simulators and hopefully an F1 simulator will be on site.
This facility is secure, and all displays will be separated from the public, who will be charged £1 entry fee. Good quality local food & Refreshments will be available within the site or all along the seafront.
Please advise soonest who will be available for the 15th September 2013, we can then send out all details.
Trade stands available and they are apparently cheap!

I used to organise the Cleethorpes motor show which you guys attended several times and I am helping with this as it is a good cause!


Martyn Clifford
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I would love to be involved with this, count me in :)
Martyn, if Im around I will come to this.
Summer might have arrived by then too!! Stick us down..
Yes mate I can attend and bring 2 of my GTR,s if you'd like me and mrs bborat to come, (I rarely take them out but for a charity event like this I'd like to be involved)
thanks guys please pm me your addresses to pass on to the show organisers
after all a show isn't a show without Skylines!!!!!!!!!

If this is anything like the Wings and Wheels event at Dunsfold that has a stand at then go for it.. it is one of the absolute BEST days out going..

All the best organising it.. i'll be going to the southern version but doubt I'll be able to get up for this.

maybe see if i can get any scottish mob interested,getting harder these days though.
There is great entry for this so far so if anyone does want to attend you need to pm your details to pass on to the organiser who will send you an entry letter.


Is the "old" cleethorpes show that we used to attend years ago still going -or is this it?
The old Cleethorpes show hasnt been on for a few years Mandy, shame really as that one was always pretty good, this show is a new one and with any luck bigger and better
Wishing you all the best for a great show and everybody attending it.... would love to have made a trip up but alas due to work commitments I'm tied up, hope it all goes well.....

Bit odd this, I forwarded on details ages ago and have heard nothing,,, I'm still game for going, has anybody else heard anything back?
i may pop along to this the dirty diesel tho
I'm game :)

I'll fancy going to this too ;) lol
Seriously, I haven't heard anything back from months ago,,, anybody??
How do I go about booking and paying for the day? Is anyone sorting it out from a club perspective?
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