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Hi guys, i'm building an rb25 for my s13 and i'm currently stuck on what injectors to use. So far i have

T04R turbo
1.6mm cometic HG
ARP Head studs
Forward facing plenum
Q45 afm and Throttle body
3" turbo back exhaust

Engine has standard internals

I'm looking for 500 or so bhp (if thats realistic), what injectors do you recommend and can you offer a mapping service or aftermarket management to run this engine for me? mapping etc is a black art to me so please excuse any potential naivity i may have :eek:

An indication of costs would be great too


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I would recommend using a Z32 and not the Q45, the car will run alot smoother.
The TO4R turbo is a bit big for the RB25 unless your using the car just for drag racing. It's going to be very laggy. I take it you still have the VVT? If so i recommend that you get a smaller turbo. The TO4R is good for 600bhp+

You can use the standard ecu upto 570-580, as its uses afm. If you want to go beyond this power then i recommend HKS,AEM, Altronic, Motec ect. A system that uses map sensor.

Custom remaps on the standard ecu is £517.50 allin.

If you want to talk turbo's give a call or pm me your number and we'll have a chat,


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Iv a RB26 with a T04R and as RSP said it has a lot of lag, not coming in untill 4,2-4,5k

Im using 2x Z32's Apexi FC pro and with 690cc injectors @3bar pressure.

Im currently at 534bhp @ 1.4bar
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