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Clutch options

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Is there a trader on here that supplies performance clutches. Im after one that will take some where around 450bhp.
Please post your opinions on the best clutch to go for or what one your using and how much it cost you, where you got it from.
Thank you please :bigthumb:
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There are several traders on here who can help you with this. Rising Sun Performance, Apex Performance, Conceptua Tuning and Autosaurus will probably be your best option on this I´d say. The cheapest while still quality option will most likely be an Exedy clutch kit. Other ones will be more expensive but most of them will also be more driveable.
its pricey but im using a carbonetic twin plate clutch for about 6 months now and cant rate it enough. absolutley NO slip... EVER!
and a nice smooth biting point thats not 4mm off the floor, honestly drives like a micra... totally worth it but you will pay for it...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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