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Missing His R33 :(
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After the blown thermostat, broken thermostat housing, leaking water pump, and the slipping clutch, I've now got the fifth problem in as many months with this damn car.

I recently had a new exedy gtr clutch put in my gtst and all was great for two weeks. Then i noticed a ticking noise from the gearbox at idle with my foot OFF the clutch. If i dipped the clutch a centimetre it stopped, possible release bearing rattling maybe?

This was pissing me off no end, having the car sound like a tractor at traffic lights, but then lady luck shat on my face once again and now my pedal has broken.

I pulled out of a junction, then mid change into second, heard a POP from the pedal and it rushed to the floor and i crunched the gear change.

When i put my foot on the pedal it pushes to the floor with hardly any resistance compared to how stiff it was, and i have to bury it into the firewall to change gear, then the second it lifts up a notch it engages and drives.

I had to finish driving to work like this and then home again. There is no slipping and the clutch seems to disengage fine when in gear. Its just a bugger to get into gear as i can't push the pedal any further down without coming through the bulkhead!!!!

Does this sound like hydraulics or has the pedal box split open???
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