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Cobra Seats

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Hey Guys,

This has been cleared by Big-chief so here goes. I live like 2 min walk away from the cobra seat factory handy i know, iv had 3 sets of seats from them now and looking to get a forth.

Im friends with Mark 'pigeon' that works ther and i got talking about the website, he said his willing to cut me an even better deal if we have a group buy this will mean members getting discount they wouldnt usually get.

All the seats will be hand made and can be any colour combinations piping and writting aswell like GTR under the cobra. You can have like i said any colour my last set were green vinyl so looks like leather with white piping and they were amazing.

The offer is on static and on reclining also they have sub frames to fit all skylines and even over brands of car if your looking to put into something else.

This thread is to guage how many would be interested so i can go back to him and he will work out a price for the owners club so this means more people more discount.

So please open a new thread like mine below and state vechile, colour(s) and any extra lettering also if stactic x2 or stactic and recline or recline x2.

This isnt a selling thread just trying to get us a bargin!

Many thanks Adi
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1. Adi, Skyline r33 GTST, Black and Burgandy, R33, Stactic and recline.2. john, skyline r33 gtst, white, R33, 2x recline.
3. Hilly, 2 x Cobra Seats - Suzuka Pro FIA Approved Bucket Seats + Side mounts.
4. Jono, sidewinder seats and subframes, R33GTST spec 1. Poss black and grey.
5. Stusy, fia approved, r33 gtst spec 2
6. LES GTS, R33 GTST, x1 cobra Monaco S in black + subframe, fittings etc.
7. Sparkso - honda civic ek, fixed subframes and bolts etc, 2 monaco seats in red and black
8. Leevers - daytona in black fabric with the subframes, r33 gtst (spec 2)
It might be worth putting a ball park figure for the seats mate.
I asked him that said get numbers 1st last set i had from them was 2 stactic Monaco S's in green white piping with 4 points and 2 universal fitting kits £360 with 3 meters extra vinyl for the ice install so you will be looking around that price, like i said its walking distance and pigeon will cut a good deal but need numbers of people interest, not asking people to commit.
I have these seats, I am also local,

I will post up pics tomorrow as the are quality.
i'd love a price just for subframes to fit an r33?? Any idea how much? My seats are recaros but shouldnt be much involved in making them fit i wouldnt have thought
thanks ...lee
any chance of seeing what style of seat they are mate
any chance of seeing what style of seat they are mate
Any cobra seat you like i'd imagine.
john, skyline r33 gtst, white, R33, 2x recline

### forgot to ask for SLIDE MOUNTS!!!! SOZ ###
Any style as stated and they will even make a static to look like a recline so you dont get odd looking one's!
I hope this picture is bigger than the last post but this is the seats that they made for me for my old EF civic as you can see top quality!


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Mark can now do the subframes to fit the R34 GTT,I had to take my car to him to have a custom set made and he made a template off my car so no problems with any more that are wanted.:)
Id be interested in the following depending on price;

2 x Cobra Seats - Suzuka Pro FIA Approved Bucket Seats + Side mounts.

I find it hard to believe the price will be for "any" Cobra seat,is the price not just for the retrimming of the seats????.I was quoted (by Mark) over £600 just to retrim the rear seats and doorcards,if it is the right price then I will defo be ordering some.(especially if you can get FIA approved seats for that price)
My Cobra Sidewinders were nearly £1000 with the subframes where as the Monaco's are less than half that,I will wait with baited breathe to find out the actual price for "any" seat.
No bud, I don't think this price is for "any" seat. If so I will be having a set of carbon FIA :)
Look im doing this out of my own spare time i have a job aswell im trying to get a deal for myself and other members theres nothing to gain from this im using my own time not getting paid for it so can i have positve/helpful comments and all im doping is getting numbers for them to come back with prices thanks.
Hi Mate,Thumbs up for trying to sort out a deal.
Would be interested to get a price on a couple of sidewinder seats and subframes to fit my R33GTST spec 1. Poss black and grey.
Also one of my mates has a rally car and is interested in a pair of Monaco Pro,in black.
Thanks mate added i will see Marc tomorrow to see about starting to get some prices now i have a few people interested.
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