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this post is part of the ongoing rebuild guide in projects forum

fitting the last bits back onto the GTR brings me to just about the last area i am yet to be happy with...the intake

it has HKS hard pipes and a massive trust intercooler with water/methanol injection but it also has two generous sized filters that suck in red hot underbonnet air :bash:

normally this would be one of the first things i would do but on the GTR its a pain

there is a large scoop in the bumper just under where the filters live though and that could be used if we dont mind cutting a hole here or there:uhoh:

the options as i see it are...

1. relocate filters into bumper scoop

2. run cold air feed from scoop into stock filter area

3. fibreglass the scoop and use it as a ram effect into sealed/shrouded filters

decisions decisions....

moving back up the inlet there is not much else that can be optimised (without upgrading parts), the air flow meters are often overlooked...they have wire mesh shields before and after the wire which are really there to prevent damage to the wire during assembly as the air has already been filtered by this point

i wonder how much of a restriction they actually represent:apoke:

mesh removed

here is a cheap ebay shield version sitting next to my present M's K+N

the M's elbows are great for flow but with no cold air its all in vain IMO, the cheap filter has a much smaller outlet but it will be supplying cold air also if you are running hoses around the engine or through the inner wing they are going to be less than 3" for twin pipes or one 5" single because there simply isnt the room for anything bigger (again IMO)

the filtration on these new filters are going to be poor at best...these i can change later on

the factory AFM's have a bolt on fixture for the airbox so its not as simple as slipping a hose onto the will need some sort of adaptor

i was lucky enough to have chris make this up for me for beer tokens, its not possible to have something like this made up custom style if you are on a shoestring budget if you dont know a friendly engineer

i made some gaskett out of the paper i had left over from the screamer pipes to help give a reasonable seal

fitting the induction hose is easy now, i have used normal motorsport flexihose for this, about £15 per meter

starting to take shape now, you can see the general idea of this is to pass the new inlet pipe through the iner wing to the passenger side bumper vent and have the filter sit there...sealed away from hot underbonnet temps

the filters are open at the front...this is perfect for ram feed

here you se the possible inlet holes marked out......i have opted for the position on the right for the rear turbos and ill use the original hole under the headlight for the front turbo

this is where the filters will site.....some will say this position is going to catch far more dirt and water and it will....

we can take some measures to minimise this but we will come to this later

hole cut for the rear inlet pipe, i painted the bare cut metal to prevent rust and fitted a cheap speaker port to make it easier on the eye

rear inlet connected

rear filter connected

you can see the front inlet traing off under the headlight...there was a bit of cutting here and there but there was space for it

the front filter was a bit tricky to fit lol, there really is not much space left over in the vent now, doing this on a single turbo version would be a piece of could go with a 5" hole and pipework no probs

the vent inlet will need meshing off to prevent leaves and carrier bags getting sucked in. to stop water/rain i may need to fit some sort of shield to direct water away from the filter inlets

(we are coming back to under construction)


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