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This is my Nissan Skyline's engine - Its a RB25 DET from 1995 with only 109,000 km which only 68k miles is on the clock before I broke the car for parts.

The engine was running perfectly only reason for sale was to fund my race car and the skyline is worth more in bits than whole due to the mods I'd made over the years (no interior etc). It was tuned to stage one (300bhp) and health checked on the dyno a couple of times in the three years I've owned it. Only ever run on Shell V-Power and Mobile 15w50 oil with and oil cooler (not included) and serviced every 3k miles. I would recomened changing the cambelt as the engine is out the car and its nearly due on time (every 5 years) but no where near due on mileage.

PRICE DROP ===== £1400

So you get:

Starter motor
PAS pump
Ignition Coils
Inlet and Exh manifolds
Cross over pipe
Dump valves (std)

AP Paddle clutch with skimmed flywheel (was £500 new!)

Loom - missing connector for MAF as was sold with MAF


Gearbox - condition untested and unknown but previous owner said ok but had worn syncromesh

Engine mounts

Perfect for converting an R33 from auto to manual or for 200SX conversions!

There is a possibility I can deliver this from RG14 6RT BUT please ask for a price, my van is not cut out for trips to the north of Scotland LOL - as it will end up a very very large pallet which would be dificult to arrange postage.

Will post abroad if you cover my packaging costs and arrange a courier!

I would perfer payment by cash on collection (or delivery) due to price, if possible.

More pictures coming in the week!

Any questions just ask....

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