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hi folks;

ive got a conceptua tuning rebuilt turbo with steel internals, its the 375bhp version. It ran 332bhp at 0.87bar on my car no problems, when i upped the boost the car kept hitting fuel cut as my injectors wer maxxed out (standards) so i upgraded the turbo to a topmount one and got 550cc injectors so no longet need this turbo.

when i removed it i noticed that theres a slight dent in one of the compressor blades, this didnt affect the useage of it at all and the turbo ran perfectly. it was on full boost at 3100 and started pulling from roughly 1900/2000rpm, it was an extremley responsive turbo,

but i no longer need it so im looking £250 + p&p (imagine postage will be around £30) for it.
or pm me sensible offers ;)

Ive got an invoice from conceptua showing the turbo cost me £580 on the 28.05.08 and its been faultless since i got it.

ill get pics up tomorrow

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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