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hi bought a Nissan sedan 250gt year 2001 no issue so far but just sitting at home
want to do the conversion and still have a street car but run 350 to 400 kilowat at AWD
what is ideal conversion kit to go with ..
i mean
gear box
Fuel system
most important is the cost factor ??
what is the round up cost im i looking for this

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I am presuming your in Aus? i would check out SAU, somebody may have more info,
i also presume you have the VQ25DE? so the only way to achieve the power your looking for is to go twin turbo, and even then its pushing it, you would need to fully forge the engine, as i am pretty sure its not going to handle 480 to 650BHP, rather than spend the sort of money needed, i wold look at another car unless money is no object.
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