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convoy leaving blanch coolmine ind est @ 2.30pm on sunday

for those of you wishing to make your own way directions are as follows:

0.0 Start out at Dublin 9,Dublin R103 0.0

0.1 At traffic signals turn left onto Swords Road - N1 (signposted Airport, Belfast) N1 0.1

0.4 Continue forward onto the M1 (signposted Belfast) M1 0.5

2.5 Leave the M1 at junction 3 M1 3.0

0.2 keep in left hand lane, then join the M50 motorway (signposted M50 Southbound) M50 3.2

12.5 West Link Bridge (Toll) M50 15.7

4.8 Leave the M50 at junction 9 (signposted City Centre, The South), then at Red Cow Roundabout take the 3rd exit onto the N7 (signposted The South (N8, N9) N7 20.5

2.4 At Newlands Cross traffic signals continue forward on the N7 N7 22.9

18.7 Continue forward to join Motorway M7 (signposted Limerick, Cork) M7 41.6

11.9 At Junction 9 take right hand lanes to continue forward on the M7 (signposted Cork, Limerick) M7 53.5

48.6 Continue forward onto the N7 (signposted Limerick) N7 102.1

8.5 Continue forward onto the N7 Entering Mountrath N7 110.6

13.4 Continue forward onto the N7 (signposted Limerick) Entering Borris-in-ossory N7 124.0

11.1 At roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Dublin Road (signposted Town Centre) Uncl. 135.1

0.9 Continue forward onto Dublin Road Entering Roscrea Uncl. 135.9

0.4 At traffic signals turn right onto the N62 (signposted Birr) N62 136.4

0.3 At traffic signals continue forward onto Birr Road - N62 N62 136.7

16.2 Continue forward onto Roscrea Road - N62 Entering Birr N62 152.9

1.8 Continue forward onto Railway Road - N52 N52 154.7

0.8 At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Johns Place - N52 N52 155.5

0.5 Finish at Birr,offaly
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