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Hi Guy and Girls,

Thought I’d start to post up some of the services we offer along with some tempting pics…

As per the title we can corner weight and wheel align your Skyline (or any other car for that matter).

The whole point of ride height adjustable suspension is to allow you to set the ride height (obviously) and then corner weight the car. Most people miss the opportunity of getting the corner weights setup.

The difference it makes to the handling is important but often not understood… some of the more obvious examples are under acceleration and braking – if you consider a car with unequal weights on both wheels of a particular axle then it make sense that one wheel will lock or spin before the other as it has less grip.

Wheel alignment is vital for tire life but it also makes a massive difference to the feel of a car. You can make the car a pussy cat or a monster just with a few turns of a spanner.


Just to weigh your car: £30
To setup the Corner Weighs: £150
Weight alignment inc front and rear tracking & camber: £75

If you just weigh your and then decided to get the corner weights done we won't charge you for both!

Including VAT.

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