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Got an R33 Gts-t - RB25, FMIC, Apexi Air Filter,Apexi Power FC, Idrium Spark Plugs, Walbro Fuel Pump, Trust Exhaust, Decat - question is, does anyone know if the engine could support this spec of turbo as it currently stands

GT35 600HP+ Journal Bearing / Floating Bearing*Turbo*
T4 flange manifold
Turbo Specs:
Wheel: 68mm w/ 84 trim,*Minor Wheel: 56mm
Housing: .63 ar
Wheel: 82mm w/ 56 trim Minor Wheel: 56.5mm
Housing: .70 ar *

Any help would be appreciated - Turbos appear to be a total minefield!

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the T4 flange will not fit
that turbo's (full) potential will never be used with your current engine spec
to make that happen you will need to uprate injectors, afm, fuel pressure regulator, clutch and get a remap
i'd try a downpipe and boost controller first before the above

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i converted my manifold to a T4 flange, still have it about somwhere if anyone wants it
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