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cracked manifold

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had a poke around last weekend under my bonnet and noticed a crack in my manifold, ordered and fitted the new one today but thought i would post up pix of the old one

cant really see it on this one.....

this ones a bit clearer lol

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Thats exactly what happened to my GTST when I had it.

As above, lol....
hmmm spotting a common fault?
Yes,,, Manifold studs....
lol,nope,all the studs were fine!!
But you said you recently changed them due to snapping in another thread.. So maybe it was already cracked, just got bigger ;)
lol good memory,yea lost 2 bout six months ago but drove it for a while, my guess is i warped the mani and the stress was too much
Took mine off the other day and went to re-fit today, noticed a rather nasty crack going all the way round... a little tap later I had 2 manifolds:-

yep happened to mine as well
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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