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I'm organising a trackday at Crail on the 28th.

We need a minimum of 20 people (once we have enough interest i'll get a def date organised/confirmed etc)... it'll be £35 a head. Times prob 10am till 3-4pm

The Crail trackdays are very very good for getting to know about your car. There is soo much run off, and soo much time to try things out. The track isnt the best condition but the holes are all avoided, or off track.

Is anyone interested.

Here are some vids from a trackday at Crail last year

Deposits need to be taken by the 16th of March.

PM or email me [email protected] if your interested and i`ll pass on payment details.

list so far

1: Adam - skyline PAID
2: BigD - Evo PAID
3: Wilson - Astra GSi
4. Ross9 - Rover Coupe
5. Ecosse - Mk2 XR2 PAID
6. Mick Cassidy - Mk1 Golf GTI PAID
7. Kieran Cassidy - Sierra RS500 PAID
8. The Admiral - EVO IV PAID
9. GD16 - S/c Saxo PAID
10.Matt - skyline
11.skytoy - skyline
12.thomo206 - 205 GTi
13.Ade - Capri
14. Flash - R34 skyline
15. Sidewinder - 200sx
16. Wilky - impreza STI RA v2
17. Fee - skyline PAID
18. redscoobydoo - impreza
19. Aly McMillan - RS500 PAID
20. Kryton - EVO IV PAID
21. Craig(dtmwide-renault 5 gtt PAID
22. Steve - M3

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Just a wee reminder about deposits.....

£17.50 NEED's to be paid by the 16th of March in order to confirm/finalise the day.

Please PM/Email me if you have misplaced the payment details :)

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