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Hey guys,

I'm planning on booking a custom remap with RSP before summer arrives because my car is overfueling and hesitating in the higher gears at high revs. Fuel economy is obviously poop also.

Can you give me an idea roughly of what results to expect based on the specification of my car. Everything's there for a nice amount of power except injectors but I would have these ultrasonically cleaned and flow checked before the remap as I've heard you can do good things with standard injectors.

Car is Spec 2 GTST and mods I'm aware of are.....

3" Japspeed exhaust
Japspeed silenced decat
Trust downpipe
Some aftermarket turbo elbow
Recently purchased RSP coilpacks
Steel internal turbo (with receipt from TT for £650 so maybe hybrid?)
Apexi AVCR
Apexi SAFC2
Blitz Sonic Power Filter with cold air feed
Nice big FMIC with a thick core
Nearly new lambda sensor
Denso Iridiums
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Adjustable FPR on route

The car is my daily driver and I'm hoping to get it on the track a couple of times a year.

Can you give me a price on the remap and removal of the SAFC2.

Any more info needed let me know.

Cheers, Dan.

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Depends on the spec of the turbo, sounds like a basic spec. Which would be about 350-360bhp. If it is the big spec one thay make about 400bhp, but you would need 550cc injectors to run it safe. We have got 400bhp on OEM injectors but i don't recommned it.

£460 map £32.31 to remove the SAFC.

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