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Dented sump! Should I be worried

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Hi everyone, ive managed to dent the sump on my rb25, it's been pushed in about an inch right in the middle of the front part, should I be concerned about this? I did it on a tree stump and it all runs ok, no funny noises etc! Just hoping I haven't damaged the oil pick up or more?

Is it a simple job to get the sump out, just thinking if I can push the dent back out maybe?? I had a look underneath and looks like the front subframes got to come out!
Can anyone advise me on the best course if action?

Cheers everyone
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As long as no leaks and oil level does not drop over next few days i wouldn't worry about it. My Joe Baxi picked up a good dunt (not a skyline, but that would be a fun taxi) on the sump and ran until i sold it 3 years later with the same sump (still on it now over 150k miles later)
if its only as you say it is and its not leaking you will have no worries as their is plenty of clearance from moveing internals
As above should be fine if only an inch. I've come across many a pleb who jack such cars from the sump so I know! :D
It may be clear from moving parts but as the oil pick up would have been sitting 1/4 of a inch from the bottom it could now be touching and not getting all the oil is should!

Does the oil pressure seem the same?

Oil pressure is normal, hasn't moved on the dash guage at all, this is what I'm worrying about, I know it wouldn't have a problem with moving internals so I'm not concerned about that at the moment, would you recommend pushing the dent back out, it looks like it should just pop back into shape! Or leave it ?!?
I have seen oil pressure drop on full throttle when the sump is dented but you will not see it with a standard gauge as they do not react that quick.
Take the lot off to be sure. Better safe than sorry.

A damage caused by not enough oil will cost you way more than that.

I would get it checked.
If you do end up taking of the sump, i would extend and put baffles in it while its out.
That'd be a nice mod and worthwhile if you ever want to up the power.
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