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desperate need of the following:

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hi can anyone help with the following

1 8.5 x 18" rays te37 any colour

2. standard side skirts or simiular

3.400r / gtr or simiular front bumper for a r33 gtst

4. carbon bonnet

many thanks keith
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Have 2 standard side skirts in black in the shed.
where are you if i can collect and what do you want for them
cheers keith
Lincoln Fella

i have a 8.5 x 18 le37, dont know the difference as they look the same
do you have an image of the wheel? cheers keith
i have a pair of bnsport side skirts in white and bnsport rear bumper if thats any good to you also in white, never been painted, £50 for the skirts and £60 for the full bumper
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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