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Ok, full disclosure, I have an R200S (supposedly JDM from a Skyline) in an MGB (little British roadster from the 60's/70's) with a Ford 302 (5.0L) and T5 5-speed. I hope you guys won't hold the fact that the diff isn't actually in a Skyline against me!

Today when accelerating in 1st gear (in a line of traffic when the light turned green so not hot rodding or dumping the clutch), I heard and felt a bang from the diff. Engine still running, transmission still in gear, but no torque transmitting to the wheels. Shut the car off, pushed it off the road into a parking lot, restarted it, and I was able to drive it about 30 yards before bang and no torque to the wheels again.

At that point, I got out - engine still running and still in 1st gear but car sitting still. A friend was in the passenger seat ready to pull the e-brake in case the car started moving. It didn't so I looked under it and I could see the diff nose flange spinning. So, I figured the gears were grenaded.

I went and got a 2-wheel vehicle dolly, pushed the car about 15 yards to line it up. Was going to ratchet it up the ramps, but figured I'd try driving it since it went a little ways before. It drove onto the dolly and when I got home, it drove off (reverse) and then into my driveway and garage (forward up a slight hill).

Grenaded gears doesn't make sense (at least it's not consistent with any broken gears I've experienced)
. I'm not familiar with the Viscous limited slip. Does what I described sound consistent with that going bad?

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