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Hi Guys,

Have you been remapping your own vehicles or maybe your customers cars but do not have a dyno to check or finish off your tune? We can rent you our dyno by the hour once you have been trained on how to use it. Once you have been trained you are free to use the dyno un-supervised for a set hourly rate or a day rate if you have several cars to do.

Prices are :-

Initial Training £100 + Vat We will show you the correct and safe way to strap a vehicle to the dyno and how to set the dyno software to run various setups. We will then show you how to hold the vehicle at load, carry out power runs etc.

Dyno Hire per hour £60 + Vat charged as a minimum of 1 hour and the nearest half hour after that.

Day Rate £340 + Vat (available 9am - 5pm)

Included in the above prices are the use of our wideband sensor for logging on the dyno knock listening equipment and as many prinouts etc that you require. If at any point you are stuck a member of staff will be available to offer assistance.

The Dyno is a Dyno Dynamics 2WD rated to 1200bhp with excellence cooling and extraction fans etc. GTR`s can be run by removing the front propshaft.

If your interested please contact us by phone or PM.
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