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Hi all.

Just to let you's know, we have been busy! As well as being one of 6 main distributors for HKS in the UK ( for which we hold extensive stock for nextday delivery FOC ) we have now secured the sole distribution of Do-Luck and Spoon Sports products in Europe.

Our website is taking forever to sort out as we are creating it everytime I get 5 minutes to do so, when its done it should be really interesting and informative as well as all being able to see what we have available to not only Skylines ( as this represents just a little of our business ) but for all Japanese cars.

Until the website is finished ( still over a month away at least ), you can visit the sites as follows to keep you all happy :-

We hope to be arranging shipments of stock parts from Do-Luck and Spoon in the next week or so and will carry most and if not all products straight off the shelf, until then we can provide a UK price on all parts immediately and will ship them in by airfreight within 4 days if the parts are on the shelf in Japan of course at no extra cost.

We seem to have a problem with our email link from our front page of the website, if anyone needs to contact us : [email protected] or Tel 01795 668899 until we fix it.

Sumo Power - Bringing Japan to your doorstep!

Andy / Rob Barnes

Ps. Look closely at the Do-Luck handling products;)
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