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Do you like the new look?

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skips spot on with that. Because of the link change the previous cookies will be useless. Trust me, removing your old cookies will solve the problem 99.9% of the time.

As for the other thing, I'll add it to the list ;)

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I like it, but maybe some work on the style sheets could improve the layout a bit - perhaps reducing cellpadding and margins etc will give more space. Usernames are a bit big IMHO. Glad it's still black/grey as I really can't get on with white forums.

Good work old boy.

Calm down calm down. I was asking Ian about the smilies in the other thread a couple of days ago. Not what you`re thinking & twice tonight.

Fixed it yet??

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Did I miss the reason why Chat not working.............?

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I went away for eleven days,and all got changed.......and being illiterate,I got lost....!!!!!!!
I appreciate this will make the site better,but I need my 'ol mate 2 show me how 2 enter the old forums.....!!
Must be a sign of old age........!!
Progress is good,onwards and upwards.........!!
61 - 72 of 72 Posts
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