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does anyone now this car or company

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I don't know the company but the car looks to be a series 2 R33 mate...

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Looks very Tidy....

2 things id change are the nasty rear lights and take off the GTR badge....

GTR spoiler has snapped in half. Riveted together.
2 things id change are the nasty rear lights and take off the GTR badge....
It looks nice and fresh inside and out Ross.

Dont belive the recently landed though....

to many uk bits fitted
Not sure of the company or car but looks nice enough to eat. Have you got in touch with the seller? I'd be asking about what kind of mods are supporting that power :)
dunno anythin about the company but if you want a good recommendation talk to dave at extreme sports
i bought my r34 off him, he is about 25min north of cardiff and deffo a straightup bloke. he usually has much more in stock than whats advertised on flea bay.. hope this helps ;-)
'GTR badged' being listed in the specs did make me laugh. Although sadly, unlike the Blitz stickers, there's only one stuck on.
Apart from spoiler repair and gtr badge, looks a goodun.

2 things id change are the nasty rear lights and take off the GTR badge....
agree on the badge but the rear lights aint so bad its more the fact its on a white skyline put those lights on a black skyline and lightly tint the clear crystal indicator bit and wala would look nice.

im not to sure on the recently landed part either!
Word of warning - when I was looking for my Skyline - I mentioned this car to a seller (as it was a contender for me) and I remember the guy saying something was dodgy about it - passed around as had problems or something.

I can't remember what he said, but just be wary and check it properly - I know he was probably only saying it to convince me his was better, but you never know.

Also, on the advert, he's taken the data table from this website: (shading is exact, so it's likely a cut & paste job)

HOWEVER - he's changed the output figure to 350bhp instead of the original tables 250bhp... I noticed this after the research I did before buying, and it just raises the question, why would you do that?? Not trying to scare anyone from buying, but I've heard enough horror stories with cars!
Active Rear Limited slip differential????

looks like a normal viscous to me. (zoom in on the exhaust pic and adjust the brightness;))

badly written (cough)/copied advert, items listed twice but worded differently e.g -A/M Rear Spoiler , - GTR Rear wing spoiler with a brake light
Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
hmmmm.........seems nice, but 350bhp......where are the mods to push it to that? surely you would advertise the mods?! careful with this one mate
Power claim is bullshit. And is there such a thing as an HKS Dragon exhaust? Also seems like a lot of money.
Any idea why it has two different rear number plates too?

Also that power claim is ****! no way its got that!
Took a look out of interest (never going to know them way up here in the sticks) Car looks pretty good and to be honest i actually quite like the rear lights.

The only things i noticed that i would mention to him to knock a bit off the price is the dodgy wiring hanging down by the pedals and if you look at the pics of the wheels ignore the wheels and look at the discs behind they are badly groved and need replaced probably and one of them def needs attention as only the centre section of the disc is in use when braking (only shiny bit rest is rusty and untouched looking) the grooves show the discs are old and wearing thin and high chance the pads were worn to metal and not changed for a good k or 2 miles.

Other than that it looks in pretty good shape...oh and the black sticker over the k in kph looks tacky :crazy:
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