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My name is Aaron and I recently found out about this forum. Kinda sucks being a newbie because I am an old member of GTR uk, Skylines downunder, Skyline Australia, and, but I started at the bottom there so I have to start there here.

Forums have gotten alot stricter since I joined those a few years back, there was no requirement to introduce yourself and you could buy or sale right away. Talk was more technical back then because those were the experimental days. Today its more of digging up or verifying what has already been explored.

The plus to new forum rules is we used to fight alot back then about dumb stuff, and often disagree on mod methods but we worked it out. I am hoping to become a usefull part of the family here as I have been there in the past.

I am under the same screen name on all forums as well as the same email...


I have an R32 GTS4
It had a Stagea Rb25det swap
T04z HKS turbo
Nismo 740cc injectors
Cometic 1.2 mm headgasket
Apexi Power Fc
OS Giken twin plate
R33 Transmission (double syncros added)
Cusco Comp 2 suspension
HKS Cast Manifold
HKS External Wastegate
Custom 3' Exhaust straight back
Nismo FPR
Nismo FMIC
GTR32 Face lift kit
GTR33 Interior front and back
2 year old wet black paint
GTR32 Brakes and slotted rotors
Walbro fuel pump
Grounding kit
Split fire coils
Grex Oil cooler
made 503whp for over a year before the engine blew up...
and all steel lines on every line you could put them on.

I parted that out about 4 months ago...

Now I have an R33 Rb26dett engine to swap into my GTS4 thats stock but will receive an N1 oil and water pump along with a timing belt and headgasket before use for peace of mind...
R34 N1 Turbos
HKS Fcon V
Cusco Twin plate
Nismo 720cc injectors
Metal headgasket
Nismo FMIC
Same suspension as before
with a new power goal
I just want 400whp now its more managable on the German roads...

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Welcome to the club dude!

Just seen you seem to be located in Germany?! Have a look at the Germany section from time to time and put your details down in the german members list if you want. :cheers:
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