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ARDS FESTIVAL OF SPEED held on 9th & 10th June proved to be one of the biggest motoring events of 2012.
With over 10,000 spectators in attendance and a TV audience in 40+ European countries, we are now managing to bring Drifting & Drag Racing to the wider mainstream audience.


The combination of various types of motorsport proved to be extremely popular, thus our next event on Sun 8th July at Bishops Court will see us adopting a similar formula. Due to popular demand we will once again be combining Drifting with Drag Racing BUT... this time in reverse order, with Drag in the morning and Drifting in the afternoon. This method of combining these two disciplines will see us avoid any of the difficulties we experienced in the past and should instead provide for an excellent day’s action.

Drag entries will be limited to just 30 so drivers can be sure of approx 8 runs within the time frame, provided they keep lining up. The Drag competition will be solely based upon the fastest times set, thus avoiding delays with arranging finals and thus not interfering with the Drift schedule.


One piece of news we are particularly excited about is that we have just secured the VERY FIRST Drift event at the new Tullyroan Oval! On Sun 29th July this fantastic facility, located between Dungannon and Portadown, will host 16 UDC Drifters who will Battle it out for Round 4 of the 2012 Championship.

“CAR CULTURE LIVE” is the title of the event and is open to all-comers, but to be one of the lucky 16, drivers must first QUALIFY at BISHOPS COURT on Sunday 8th July.

Details for the Bishops Court schedule are as follows:

DRAG RACING ___ 11:00 - 13:00
(Entry Fee £30)

DRIFTING _______ 13:00 - 18:30
(Entry Fee £50)

ARDS FESTIVAL OF SPEED - Newtownards Airport: 9th & 10th June
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