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Cone-Dodgers are hosting a day of drifting at the mighty Llandow circuit in South Wales on Thursday 19th August.

The price per car is £80 which includes additional drivers and free tyre changing all day (though you must take your scrappies home with you).

We only have space for 30 cars so get paid up quick!

Payment can be made to [email protected] but be sure to include your name in the notes. Check there is space before you pay.


What corners can I skid?
The bus stop, the following double apex, and the fast corner leading to the hanger straight.

How will the day be run?
We will be running an open pit in the morning and Single/Twin runs (BDC style) in the afternoon. This is subject to change.

Will I be allowed to twin?
This depends on your ability level. If throughout the day you show competence and consistency then the answer is yes. Cage not required to twin.

What safety equipment do I need?
Long sleeves and helmet are required. A cage is NOT required but obviously recommended. A minimum of a 3 point safety belt is mandatory.

Can I take passengers out?
Yes provided they also wear helment and long sleeves.

Does my car need to be road legal?
No. But it will need to pass our scrutineering. No fluid leaks or loose bits and you will probably be fine.

Do I need a UK driving license?
It is recommended to bring your license for signing on purposes. If you don't have one you can sign on at the discretion of the track.

  1. Duke (R32) - PAID
  2. Clive (e30) - PAID
  3. G-Tec (R33) - PAID
  4. Crash (S13) - PAID
  5. MonkeyMagic (S14) - HALF PAID
  6. robinxr4i (Sierra) - PAID
  7. ****zilla (XR4i) - PAID
  8. Craig 1010cc (MX5) - PAID
  9. J_K (e36) - PAID
  10. Jon Edwards (R32) - PAID
  11. Big_dan (S14) - PAID
  12. Mark Needs (S14A) - PAID
  13. Mike Graham (e36) - PAID
  14. Murran (e21) - PAID
  15. Big gap (e36) - PAID
  16. Lostken (e36) - PAID
  17. DriftyJev (AE86)
  18. Cr33ch (S13)
  19. BigDom (e30)
  20. Ross Peart (S13)
  21. Kar1 (R33)
  22. Swiftmini (S13)
  23. Dan Gould (R33 Pick Up)
  24. Rich Grayling (BMW)
  25. Dean Turner (S13)
  26. Ben Chidgey (AE86)
  27. Little Matt (JZX90)
  28. Brick in Motion (e30)
  29. MilkyRST (e30)
  30. T1ny (s14)
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