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Drift Car Design needed ASAP - any designers out there!

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With only 1 week left to the first round of EDC the concentration was on the car spec not it's looks! The car is now finished (almost) and is going for stickers fitted Thursday.

This was the car in 2005/6/7

This was the car in 2008

We have gone a little extreame for 2009, I am now looking for some for of graphics design to break the colours up and add some flash to the car before the logo stickers go on. any ideas welcome. The logo sticker colour isn't important as I can tie that in with design. Logo's can be emailed if needed for full design.

No more painting just stickers and then then logo stickers.

I need to do this soon as I need to send the design over to the printer, See your design on this car for the next 2 years!!

This is the car now....


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